Why Extra Wide Socks

Who Wears Extra Wide Socks?

Some conditions may be medically related.  Some of our customers are Diabetic, have Edema or Lymphedema. Many of our customers are diabetics and as a result have very swollen feet and ankles. Extra Wide Socks can be comfortably worn and will not cut off circulation.

Some of our customers run into a problem were they have to wear a brace over their foot and ankle. This product allows them to wear a sock that will comfortably stretch to cover both the foot and the brace.

Our socks are not only worn for medical reasons.  In fact a large number of our customers simply have very wide feet and ankles, thus having the problem of regular fit socks cutting off their circulation. This sock is perfect for those individuals with large feet!  Most importantly these socks will provide all of the above mentioned points while maintaining its quality and elasticity!

Questions, sock recommendations, comments and anything else you can think of will be happily answered by emailing us at the following e-mail address info@threadsbigandtall.com You can also call us toll free at 866-499-9525